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  • Holly Blum, The Word Whisperer

What To Do When You Have Writer’s Block

When I was thinking about what to write for this blog post, I was coming up short on ideas. But then I realized the subject was right in front of me: writer’s block. Everyone struggles with it at some point. That is why so many people freeze up when they sit down to write—whether it is a speech, post or something else—and wind up staring at a blank page.

Coming up with new or innovative material can be challenging. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Move your body

When you get your body moving and your blood flowing, your mind is bound to follow. Go for a walk, a jog, a hike, or get in touch with your inner yogi. There’s no magic bullet-- do what feels best.

Eliminate distractions

Make sure that your writing environment is peaceful. Silence your phone. Click off your Internet browser. De-clutter your workspace. One thing that works great for me is scheduling time on my calendar to write, just as I would for any other activity. And since I work best with silence, I make sure to schedule this when the house is empty.

Change up your scenery

If you’re feeling stuck, consider changing your surroundings. It may be cliché, but some of my best ideas come to me when I’m in the shower. But if it’s not the shower, try a different room in your house, a conference room at work or even a local coffee shop. Sometimes a physical shift will be enough to unlock your creativity.

Browse your keepsakes

Looking through photo albums, scrapbooks or even Facebook or Instagram photos can jumpstart your creative process. Especially when it comes to writing celebratory speeches, photos and memory books can connect you with the personal anecdotes and memories you need to tell your personal narrative.

Grab a pen and paper

Don’t be afraid to shut down your computer and write the old-fashioned way—with pen and paper. Sometimes the physical act of writing can feel more authentic and lead you down a path you weren’t expecting.

Let it flow

It’s tough to find that perfect moment to write. Instead, just start writing and see what happens. Write our your ideas in bullet points or just freewrite. Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation. Just let the words and ideas flow. See where your thoughts take you. You can always tweak later.

Writer’s block can loom large and feel intimidating. Just remember where there’s a block, there’s also a way out. Experiment until you find what works best for you.

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