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A Word or Two About Holly


At the young age of 7, Holly wrote a heartfelt letter to her mother explaining all of the reasons why she loved her. 
After watching her mother laugh and seeing the tears stream down her face, Holly discovered the power of the written word.


Since then, Holly has taken countless opportunities to write heartfelt and witty cards, speeches and toasts to her family and close friends carefully designed to express exactly what makes them special.


The idea for A Speech To Remember was born out of Holly’s love for finding those “just right” words to make life’s ordinary moments become extraordinary. She understands that public speaking can be challenging for many, particularly when it is on a personal level.  She hopes to make this process easier by working closely with clients to transform their own ideas, feelings and personal stories into a customized speech that will celebrate the occasion and make a lasting impression. 



Holly Blum, speechwriter
Speechmakin quote

After earning a B.A. in Communications and French from the University of Pennsylvania, Holly started her professional career in public relations.  She has extensive experience writing, developing thought leadership, conducting community outreach, and above all, pleasing clients.  She has written about a wide range of topics— from healthcare to technology to education. 

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