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"As an event planner I have seen how effective (or ineffective) a toast can be.  Some of the best toasts/speeches include three things; a personal message delivered from the heart, a universal message that everyone can relate to and always some humor.  When I was asked to officiate a good friend’s wedding I knew I needed to get some help and Holly was the first person that came to mind.  She helped me craft a memorable sermon that spoke to the bride and groom as well as the audience.  The process was easy & fun and I was able to feel comfortable delivering my message because I prepared in advance and was able practice. Holly has the unique gift to create ‘A Speech To Remember’ and I recommend her to my clients."

--Susie Mordoh, Greater Than We 



Testimonials for A Speech To Remember

Thank you to all of my clients for your support.  Doing what I do— helping you find the right words to say what you feel on life's biggest days— is a magical experience. 


"I nailed it.  I got many, many compliments.  Thank you so much.  Giving my speech will be an everlasting memory I will cherish."
--Bert Frank, Father of The Groom

"Holly is so gifted at what she does. I thought I could write my own speech - and I did give it a try - but Holly's version was SO much better than anything I could have pulled together. Writing the speech was truly a collaborative effort. Holly asked insightful questions to elicit the information she needed, and then she wove my babbling stories into the perfect speech. Holly truly exceeded my expectations and made it possible for me to say everything I wanted to say in the most eloquent and authentic way. Instead of my speech being a dreaded moment for me, it ended up being a highlight of our event. I can't thank Holly enough for her part in making our celebration so special!"

--Robyn Lavender, Mother of Bar Mitzvah boy

“I was recently the best man in my best friend's wedding and I wanted to deliver a special speech.  Hiring Holly was the best decision as she made what would have been a time-consuming and stressful experience so easy!  She was incredibly responsive with scheduling meeting times for our interview, draft discussions and practice session. The framework she used for our interview made me feel comfortable right away and was designed to ensure authenticity with the crowd.  I don't know how she did it, but after an hour of talking she was able to capture what I wanted to express and it sounded just like me.  I told her how long I wanted the speech to be and she timed it down to near seconds.  My best friend and his new bride loved the speech, and I felt at ease delivering it.  I'll definitely be using Holly's services again!”
--Andrew Miller, Best Man

"EVERYONE raved about my speech, saying things from 'best wedding speech ever' to 'it was Oscar worthy.' My husband said it was the best gift I could have ever given him!  He said the wedding could have ended right then and there and it would have been the best wedding, and that he didn’t think it was possible but he fell even more in love with me after that speech!  I couldn’t have done it without Holly, who was absolutely wonderful to work with and took all the stress out of it. So a tremendous thank you!!"


"The speech was amazing and it had my daughter and son in tears.  My son-in-law said, 'I killed it.'  Other people said it was the best father of the bride speech they ever heard.
--Chuck Friedlander, Father of The Bride

"I was completely overwhelmed by the prospect of writing a speech for my son's Bar Mitzvah. I had so much to say and know idea to say it! I met with Holly and after our meeting, she was able to help me craft a speech that was beautifully written, in my own voice and one that communicated everything that was important to me. I also HATE public speaking, but because my speech was so perfect for my event and for me, I wasn’t the least bit nervous, just excited to give it.

--Mother of Bar Mitzvah boy

"Thank you for the wonderful piece you orchestrated.  I garnered so much high praise from it that I began to feel bad saying thank you, since I wasn't the one who wrote it.  It was such a hit, so well written and incredibly easy for me to deliver.  I can say with no exaggeration, most everyone both laughed and cried.  You played a huge role in helping me look very good up there"

--Michael Rozzi, Jr., Officiant for wedding

"Holly helped me prepare the perfect speech for our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and I am forever grateful.  As many do, I thought I could easily do this on my own – how hard could it be?  Just compile a few milestone moments, embarrassing stories and get up in front of a crowd and explain why our daughter is so great!  Turns out it’s more difficult than I’d thought to condense 13 years of the most personal memories into a speech inside 3 minutes that is also somewhat engaging.  Holly was an incredible coach through the process, helping me to tease out the most important moments and messages and then putting it together to help even the most unentertaining presenter shine!  It was the highlight of the evening and I couldn’t have done it without her! Thank you Holly!"
--Adam Reinmann, Father of Bat Mitzvah girl

"Although both my daughter and I are confident writers, the candle lighting ceremony was just intimidating.  You captured my daughter’s voice so well.  It sounded exactly like she wrote the words herself and her delivery was spot on.  I am so glad we hired you to help us. We were so impressed with your turn around time and how you magically transformed our rambling thoughts about each person into amazing poems.   There was a perfect balance of humor and sentiment that we wanted to convey and you nailed it!”
--Mother of The Bat Mitzvah Girl

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