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Inspiration for Your Next Wedding Speech Starts Here

Can you make sure that your wedding speech becomes something people enjoy rather than have to endure? Can you infuse your speech with humor and sentimentality and avoid cringing from the audience? Is it possible to appreciate giving a speech rather than viewing it as a must-do chore? The answer to all of these questions is absolutely yes!

With some advance thought and inspiration, you can make sure your next wedding speech triggers all the feels— smiles, laughter and maybe even a few tears. Here are some ideas to get you started on delivering a speech that is remembered for all the right reasons.

Start with the tone and work backwards.

When you’re contemplating what to share in your speech, think about how you want it to be remembered after the fact. Ask yourself how you would like your guests to describe your speech the morning after the wedding and work backwards from there. Whether your answer is fun, light, emotional or inspirational, you’ll have a roadmap for which direction to pursue.  

Share a compelling story.

An impactful way to start your wedding speech is by sharing a personal story about the bride or groom. This could be a childhood memory, a humorous anecdote, or a touching moment you shared together. This will not only help to set the tone for your speech but will hopefully make it more colorful and meaningful. A personal story also helps you avoid sharing a laundry list of adjectives to describe the couple and instead help you illuminate the couple’s winning characteristics with real-life evidence.

Share your impressions and reflections.

Although it’s important to remember that your speech shouldn’t be about you, feel free to share your impressions of the couple. What is it about their relationship that stands out? Have there been any defining moments in their relationship? What special qualities do you admire most? How have they grown as individuals and as a team? By sharing your take on the couple’s relationship, you can hopefully cast them couple in the most flattering light possible. This is also an effective way to highlight your love and respect for the couple, which should be at the heart of any memorable wedding speech.


Use quotes or pop culture references.

To bring your thoughts to the next level, consider using a quote. Just make sure that it resonates with the couple in a meaningful way. Another idea is to add a pop culture twist—maybe a reference to a book, song, TV show, or movie the couple loves and how it connects to their unique love story. This can add more relatability and creativity to the overall speech.


Add tasteful humor.

Light-hearted anecdotes and even mild sarcasm can add levity and laughter to your speech. The trick is not to mock or embarrass the bride or the groom, no matter how funny you think it would be. Save those stories for the bachelor or bachelorette party. Use this barometer: if you wouldn’t want your grandmother to hear it, leave it out of the speech altogether.


Look to the future.

What do you envision the couple’s future to look like? Paint a picture of it and share your hopes and dreams for them. It doesn’t hurt to offer your support as they navigate this next chapter to show your investment in their future happiness. After all, they picked you to speak on their behalf for a reason, so don’t be afraid to reinforce that they can count on you for the long haul.

Giving a wedding speech can feel daunting, but these ideas are designed to help you find inspiration in all the right places. You can never go wrong speaking from the heart and expressing your genuine love and admiration for the happy couple. Look for creative or compelling ways to tie your narrative together and help ensure that your speech will be enjoyed by all.


Of course, if you get stuck along the way, I’m here to help. A little word whispering can go a long way to cultivating a winning wedding speech.

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