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  • Holly Blum, The Word Whisperer

From little sister to big brother on his wedding day

In honor of my brother's 7th anniversary to his wonderful husband, I looked back at the speech I gave at their ceremony. Every word still rings true today. Happy anniversary today and every day.

If I could have done anything to celebrate this special day for Scott and Bruce I would have painted them a picture. Not just any picture- a masterpiece that would stand out among all of the beautiful art that currently graces their home. But since I have no artistic talent whatsoever I instead decided to paint them this picture using words, which work much better for me than paint ever could. So let me unveil, or rather describe, this painting Scott and Bruce, by Holly Blum.

I thought long and hard about what colors to use in my masterpiece. For Scott, I used lots of bold colors- deep reds for his passion and drive, bright yellows and oranges for his big personality, vivid pinks for his big heart. I used shimmering silvers for his ability to articulate his point of view and captivate his audience, big or small. And of course I used a wide range of contrasting colors for his fluctuating moods, his wit and sarcasm.

For Bruce I used a more tranquil palette- muted blues for his calm demeanor and quiet, welcoming smile, harmonious greens for his introspection and thoughtfulness, metallic shades for his power to heal with both compassion and medicine. I also added some brighter purples for his deep belly laugh and optimistic outlook.

Separately this palette seems to clash, but together, I assure you that the colors blend together perfectly, a bit like Scott and Bruce.

This masterpiece is filled with so many images, almost like a mural. An image of Scott, the “big brother” hugging me, the “little sister” to comfort me, alongside an image of these same siblings pulling each other’s hair and hauling pieces of a Monopoly board game in every possible direction. An image of Scott wearing black tights and silver eye shadow, shining as the lead in our summer camp production of Pippin. An image of Scott standing tall, confident in who he has become as a man, as a human being. An image of Scott sharing the most embarrassing stories possible about his little sister to my future husband. An image of Scott writing his niece Rebecca regular postcards for her special collection.

An image of Bruce dancing freely at my and Gary’s wedding, surrounded by our whole family, his first official family event. An image of Bruce and Gary talking baseball in the corner while Scott and I roll our eyes. An image of Bruce carefully hanging the framed photograph Scott and I bought our parents for their anniversary only to see if come crashing to the floor minutes later. An image of Bruce always asking the most thoughtful questions, laughing at just the right moments, sharing his thoughts openly and honestly.

An image of Scott and Bruce wearing all of their fabulous Halloween costumes hand-sewn by Bruce. An image of Scott and Bruce traveling the world, breathing in the beauties and mysteries of places far and near. An image of Scott and Bruce holding my daughters, Rebecca and Jenna, shortly after they were born.

And finally, an image of Scott and Bruce today, surrounded by family and friends who adore them, making a lifelong commitment to each other, painting the rest of this masterpiece with the many special images to come. As the little sister I couldn’t be prouder. As a sister-in-law I couldn’t be happier to officially welcome Bruce into our family. May your life together be filled with the richest of pleasures, the sweetest of memories, and, of course, the most beautiful of art. I love you both very much.

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