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  • Holly Blum, The Word Whisperer

The magic of the written word.

I am pleased to welcome you to my blog. It means so much to me that you have paid me a visit.

For as long as I can remember writing has been my “superpower.” It has allowed me to communicate my point of view, express my gratitude, make people laugh and stir up emotion. It has allowed me to give practical advice, inspire thought and express my love for family and friends. Over the years, I figured out how to unlock the power of the written word and make it work for me. I started A Speech To Remember to make it work for you.

There is an art to speech and toast making, particularly at a special occasion. As the speechgiver, you are expected to be the storyteller, to entertain, to delight and to leave a lasting impression—and all under five minutes. This can be challenging, but it is achievable.

Throughout my life I have had the honor of writing and delivering countless speeches and toasts. Many friends and family members have joked that I should have pursued a career as a Hallmark card writer. But the greatest pleasure has been watching how the written word can move someone to laughter, to tears, and everything in between. For me, this is where the magic lies.

As 2016 begins, I wish you good health and happiness. Please come back and visit soon. I will be posting regularly to share insights and tips on writing speeches to remember.

Cheers to the power of the written word!

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