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Weddings Are Back And Busier Than Ever—Here’s How To Get Ahead

Weddings are BACK after a pandemic-fueled hiatus. According to The Wedding Report, there will be an estimated 2.5 million weddings in 2022 — the most in the U.S. since 1984.

As a result, the wedding industry is feeling the burn, busier than it’s been in decades. Events are spilling over into Wednesdays and Thursdays since weekends are packed and wedding professionals are working over time to meet the needs of their clients. Timelines are also being condensed to make up for the year and a half couples spent waiting to tie the knot.

But as much as the industry is bustling, there are many things couples can do to get ahead of the game and make sure that the finer details are firmly in place. While it’s tempting to wait until the eleventh hour to ensure everything is perfect, here’s what you can accomplish in advance to rest a little easier in the weeks leading up to the big day:

Create wedding signage

Get a jumpstart on your wedding signage by hiring a professional or putting your DIY skills to the test. “Welcome” with the bride’s and groom’s first names underneath or “Wedding This Way” with an arrow can be a nice touch. A sign for the guestbook is also a good idea.

Give thought to the speeches and toasts

Which loved ones would you like to have speak at the reception? Think carefully about who will give a toast that will surprise and delight, not embarrass or humiliate. Make sure to ask them well in advance to give them time to prepare what they are going to share. And if you or your future spouse is intending to speak, do yourself a favor and work on your remarks early. Build in time to practice as well because delivery can make or break a speech.

Write your vows

Writing your own vows can be a meaningful way to personalize your wedding ceremony even further. Give some though to the type of vows you’d like to write. Styles range from traditional to tear jerking to feminist to pop-culture inspired. Discuss with your partner the tone you’d like to set and get to work!

Put together the ceremony program

If you’ve selected your bridal party, start by writing their mini bios to include in the program. Think carefully about which readings, poems or songs you’d like to incorporate as well as any special thank yous or acknowledgements to include.

Organize the welcome bags

If you have guests coming in from out of town, make sure to get your wedding welcome bags ready. You can include information on local attractions and activities, favorite restaurants and all the salient details of the weekend. Hold off on any perishable food until a little closer to the wedding.

Buy the small stuff

There are a host of small items you can consider purchasing. The best approach is to make a running list and start shopping. These may include a cake topper, guest book and a special hanger for your wedding outfits. Accessories for your bridal party, flip-flops or socks for guests to dance in and baskets to hold all of this loot are popular too.

While couples and wedding professionals are rejoicing that weddings are back in business, the pressure to deliver is hotter than ever. Getting a jumpstart on some of the elements that can be comfortably managed in advance can allow couples and the professionals helping them to breathe a little easier


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