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8 Steps To A Perfect Wedding Toast

Giving a wedding toast that hits all the right notes and leaves nobody cringing (especially the bride and groom!) is the ultimate goal for e

Toast Time? Here Are My Biggest Pet Peeves

The emcee says it’s time for so-and-so to make a toast. There’s a subconscious pause as everyone in the audience braces themselves for what

5 Do’s and Don’ts of Making A Speech

How much more enjoyable could it be for speechgivers (and by extension, their audiences) if they followed the simple do’s and don’ts of maki

Why Your Speech Has To Have Purpose

One of the most important rules of speechwriting is that you must have a clear purpose. Defining your purpose will not only help you stay f

Is It Okay to Read My Speech Off Paper?

Many people think they should deliver a speech from memory, without notes or paper in front of them. Are they right?

The Worst Speeches Ever!

Unfortunately some of the most memorable speeches are for all the wrong reasons. Check out this list of worst-ever speeches and make sure y

What The Best Political Speeches and Wedding Speeches Have In Common

With Election Day happening tomorrow, most of the country has heard its fair share of political speeches. Some of these speeches have been truly noteworthy (like Michelle Obama’s speech at the DNC convention), while others you wish you could hit the rewind button and undo hearing altogether (like most of Trump’s rhetoric). And like with most things, you tend to remember the really good ones and try your best to forget the really bad ones. The same can be said about wedding

What's Your Tagline?

You have been asked to make a speech. Whether it’s for your brother’s wedding, daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, grandma’s 90th birthday or your boss’ retirement party, you will be standing in front of a group of people who will be listening to what you have to say. A common question I hear again and again is: Where do I start? First, remember that you should talk for no more than five minutes. If you can keep it to three, even better. Like James Roosevelt said, “Father gave me the

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