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How To Write A Speech Like You Talk

If there’s one major difference between writing a speech and an essay, it’s this: when writing a speech, write like you talk! A speech is me

Psst…The Secret’s In The Storytelling

Think about how many speeches you’ve listened to in life. Whether personal or professional in nature, how many of them really hit the mark?

What's Your Tagline?

You have been asked to make a speech. Whether it’s for your brother’s wedding, daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, grandma’s 90th birthday or your boss’ retirement party, you will be standing in front of a group of people who will be listening to what you have to say. A common question I hear again and again is: Where do I start? First, remember that you should talk for no more than five minutes. If you can keep it to three, even better. Like James Roosevelt said, “Father gave me the

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