A Best Man’s Guide to The Wedding Toast

Congratulations. You’ve been given the title “best man.” Let the bachelor party planning begin (cue the applause track). Vegas? NYC? Your mind is already spinning with possibilities. This part of your best man duties may come naturally, but what about the toast at the wedding? Yes, all eyes will be on you as you stride up to take the microphone. The bride and groom are counting on you to hit it out of the park. The bride is hoping to be cast in a glowing light. The

Can Brides and Grooms Influence Their Own Toasts?

When Marshall Field’s became the first department store to launch a bridal registry in 1924, weddings were relatively low-key affairs. Today, weddings are big business-- $60 billion to be exact. In fact, the average American couple spends an estimated $30,000 on their wedding, with much higher budgets in metropolitan areas like New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia. Weddings have taken on a life of their own, with couples putting each and every detail of their big day und