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Writing My Speech For My Daughter’s Bat Mitzvah Wasn’t Easy As I Thought

When it was time to write my speech for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah I thought it would be easy. After all, I knew my daughter inside and out. I had a lifetime of memories to showcase. And I’m a professional speechwriter! But when I sat down to compose my thoughts I found myself overwhelmed by just how much I had to say. And I must admit I felt a certain pressure that this speech, in particular, be one to remember. So I took a deep breath and followed the same advice I use

Where To Begin? How To Tackle The Speechwriting Process

You’ve been asked to deliver a toast for someone special in your life. You want to make it meaningful and memorable, but you’re not sure where to begin. You might have a lifetime of memories to share, or maybe you are short on material. Regardless of what you have to work with, you have to figure out how to tie your thoughts together and make them flow. When attacking the speechwriting process, here are a few tips to consider: 1. Brainstorm. A great place to start is by

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